O'Higgins Hall



This hall is dedicated to the heroes of Chile’s independence that had a maritime vision and knew that without a naval fleet our independence would not last. A statue of Chile’s founding father General Bernardo O’Higgins stands out in the center of the hall, with a phrase that describes his maritime thoughts:

“This triumph and a hundred more will be insignificant if we do not control the sea”.

O’Higgins looks towards a painting of the battle of Chacabuco, a great triumph of patriots against royalist troops, and his arm points towards a painting of the first fleet setting sail. The fleet was constituted by the ships: “San Martín”, “Lautaro”, “Galvarino” and “Chacabuco”, was commanded by Commander Manuel Blanco Encalada.

The hall also enhances the figure of General Jose Miguel Carrera, a man with a great maritime vision. He negotiated in the USA the purchase of several war ships and dictated the first regulations for the Chilean Navy.

In this hall you can see important objects, such as a sword that belonged to O´Higgins, and an oil painting by Alvaro Casanova of the cruiser that bore the General’s name.

In the display cases you can see a tea cup that belonged to Carrera and objects related to his family; and on the side a chair that belonged to him.

“Patriots with maritime vision”